“No, you may not use a crowbar as a baseball bat.”

The boys are playing a game in the backyard which involves all of them getting hit by tennis balls repeatedly. When this happens, they almost always yell “Oh, my nuts!” whether or not there was a direct hit on the package.

I finally went out there and told them that this wasn’t something the neighbors probably wanted to hear all afternoon, and I thought the matter was settled.

However, now they’re out there yelling “Oh, my testicles!” which, while making me laugh incredibly hard, is probably at about the same level annoying-the-neighbor-wise.


  1. Elaine says

    Glad to know your boys act like mine do. I think it provides our neighbors — all childless or daughters-only families — a little piece of reality. Or perhaps they’re thinking, ‘thank God we don’t have boys’. Whatever. I think the boys, while more tiring than our daughter, are nearly always good for comic relief!

  2. says


    I guess it is true when they say “Kids say the darndest things”
    This is why I want to have boys in the future. Boys are funny and relaxed despite their messiness and childish antics.

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