The South Beach Diet, she is a cruel mistress. But damn…

Update: I now have a recipe blog which has great low-carb, high protein dishes. Check it out and let me know what you think :) Delishix

As much as I hatehatehate the first 2 weeks of the South Beach Diet, it really does work for me. I’m on day 7 and have lost 6 pounds. I really appreciate a diet that lets you eat, AND lose weight. It works for me because I get a kick out of understanding the science behind it. Jessica likes Weight Watchers points because she’s an amazing budgeter and digs the challenge. But the key is to find a diet that pokes your buttons!


  1. says

    That’s excellent! I lasted only three days on the first phase of that diet. Then I went straight to the next phase. Whew! I love fruit too much, I guess.

  2. says

    Great job. I’m doing phase one two and lost 5.5 pounds in a week. And remember, I’m pretty close to my goal weight. I think I’ll do it for one more week for what I call “diet insurance” where you’d like to get just a bit thinner so you can eat more of what you shouldn’t, LOL.

    The best part of it for me is how you lose the weight around the middle and off your belly. Just like magic.

  3. Kay says

    Great! I’ve been looking at some diets for my mom who just cant seem to get motivated to get on a good eating habit or do exercise… The Maker’s Diet was an excellent book I wonder how it compares to this one…


  1. […] I noticed recently that Plain Jane has re-committed to her own nutrition plan, putting herself on the South Beach Diet. I’ve also run out of excuses for eating like a starving college student. As you can see, I’ve been liberated from PansyCast, which I peeled off with childlike glee a few days after New Years. That means it’s time to resume crunching, pushing up, and curling. Because I’ve been limited in my exercise routine for the past month, I’ve experienced a small amount of muscle waist. Since muscle is metabolically active, this means my metabolism dipped as well. […]

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