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    No, you got that wrong. There are three distinctions made: Female, male and ‘wearing glasses with a black frame’

    That’s all – btw: The only handsome one in that gang is Peter Sellers

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    laughing, here. laughing hard.

    i personally think that looking like Peter Sellers beats looking like some bimbo starlet…kinda. but i can see how you might not be so heartwarmed. :)

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    At least a few of those guys are hot, right? I mean, Elton John? I’d be happy to be compared to him! It’s the glasses that threw it off – you don’t see many celebrity women with glasses like those.

    And you’re beautiful, so you have nothing to worry about.

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    Blame it on the glasses!

    Do you have ANY idea how long I stared at the title of this post KNOWING it was a joke and NOT getting it… which is super sad because I have friends in the drag industry….

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    LMAO!!! This happens to me every time I try that thing. The only upside is that I did get Natalie Portman and Demi Moore once. The rest? All dudes.

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